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Proceso de Venta para su negocio

In Emtelco is understood that the sales process is extremely important for your business results, there for we set our experience, knowledge, technology and human resource at your service to help you to put dynamism in your commercial relationships.

Clients Prospecting

Through the different means of contact we help to identify the opportunities to attract and acquire efficiently new clients and business for your different business ways.

Managing Appointments Agenda

Using technological tools plus qualified personnel, we help to manage orderly and efficiently your sales force commercial visits task. By using our different means of contact, we obtain appointments with prospect clients for your sales agents.

Cross- selling

By using different means we search for contact opportunities with your customers for complementing the offers on the goods and services portfolio they already have. It is an excellent way for increasing your sales and achieving more efficient results optimizing your costs.


Phone- selling

Selling by telephone is a very effective activity that requires qualified personnel. Emtelco is setting at your disposal selected and trained people to captive trust and attention of your customers and achieving set goals.

Sales force support

Your sales force needs daily support to allow them to have the necessary information to accomplish an effective sales job. Emtelco has developed tools to have this information ready as needed by any means of contact 24 hours a day

Post sale service.

The relationship with your customer is not finished over the sale. In Emtelco we are offering you support for your post sale strategies, in order to augment the satisfaction of your customers; retaining and keeping their loyalty by means of a continuous service backing either the acquired good or service.


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